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Top Android Apps

Sift Call

The 24 / 7 program personal voicemail, so you never miss an urgent call. Find yourself waiting for an important phone call while your occupation or environment of a meeting? With the Android application, you can get your own personal answering service running 24 / 7 to help you manage your calls when your on the go.
This soft, high quality app simply activates the phone for important calls only while the phone is automatically muted, but still receive incoming calls. When this option is enabled, the phone automatically sends a text asking if the call is urgent or not.


We will call the filters that interfere in an emergency.
Screen and text message calls to emergency response.
The ability to create your own personal message.

Cardio Trainer

Cardio Trainer is a solid application, where you can track and record your fitness activity. This application has several clever features, including GPS tracking, the integration of music, pedometer and a lot more to keep your cardio both fun and challenging. Just install Cardio Trainer on your Android phone, run it and go. Whether your running, walking, skiing, biking, or virtually any other activity, Cardio Trainer will serve as a virtual training partner.


GPS Tracking – Monitor the activities of the route on the map.
Global Scores – Cardio Trainer you compare yourself with people around the world.
Integration with the music – Listen to your favorite music while exercising.
Move Your Bot – a game where you move to improve your fitness androids.
Pedometer – Counts steps.
Facebook integration – Give your friends and family know about fitness activities.
* * The Premium version – Weight Loss Coach – Follow a plan to lose weight without counting calories.
* Premium * version – Race against yourself – Save your time training, then ran to try to beat them.

Robo Defense

I’ve always been a big fan of tower defense games. I feel comfortable playing them for hours end. But unlike most tower defense games, defense Robo is one of those you keep coming back to you – day after day. You see, this is not the only “new” version of a generic style of a typical tower defense games.


40 levels of difficulty
3 different settings
Free demo available

Sprite Backup

As we all know, we should always back up everything before us. But mostly, we just dont bother even we know we should. With Sprite Backup, the world of backup solutions is made easy – with the confidence of an entire 17 million people who will never be a victim of this problem again.


world’s most popular mobile solution for backup – 17 m confident people!
Online Backup – Sprite Backup is the network provider, and Dropbox so you can return when needed.
Scheduled Backup – a variety of flexible scheduling options are available, for which the data is protected 24 / 7
Reliable – Sprite were providing backup solutions for over 8 years!
24 / 7 Support
Regular updates – Sprite Backup is always improving with new features and fixes published regularly.

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Disk cleaner

Android, Catch the Wave of the Future!

Android isn’t just for cellphones anymore. Which means that there will come a day when Android is more important than the iPhone, more important than Windows, and more important than any one device.

Android is an open source operating system created by Google for primary use on smartphones, and is currently in use on many cellphones such as the Motorola Droid, the HTC Droid Eris, the HTC Hero, the HTC Desire, the MyTouch 3G Slide, and the Dell Streak.

Recently there’s been a developer release of the Android operating system for use on the x86 archictecture, which will eventually allow Android to be ported to tablets, netbooks and even onto laptops and desktops, as well as onto many other devices, such as set-top boxes, video game systems, home control systems and other things not even thought of yet.

Android is written in Java on a modified version of the Linux kernel. Because of its open architecture, it’s easy for developers to build applications to run on the Android operating system. Unlike the Apple closed architecture, with its draconian gatekeepers, anyone capable of coding can write an application to run on Android. And if Google’s rules are followed, that application will be made available to all Android users.

What that means to you is that if you want your cellphone to do something it doesn’t currently do, and there isn’t an Android application that does it, you have the ability to contract with a developer to have an application built that will allow your cellphone to do exactly what you want, though there are also developer groups who, if the idea is a great one, may take your project on in exchange for the ability to put their name on it and offer servicing and customization of that application, which is the way open source works. The sky is the limit!

As of this writing there are approximately two Android phones activated per second. Because Android is offered on so many great phones, with many new ones to be launched soon, it won’t be long before Android phones hold a greater market share than any other operating system on any other phone, including the iPhone, especially since the Android 2.2 Froyo release supports Adobe Flash, a sticking point with the iPhone and other cellphones. Android 2.2 Froyo is right now being rolled out to the Nexus One, and will soon be available for most other Android phones.

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