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Future business software for the retail trade for three different farm sizes.

Version: Small.biz for small businesses

Future Business Software – Retail Version: Small.biz for small businesses
For individual entrepreneurs and small businesses that are dependent on not completely from the computer.
Even very small companies need not abandon the professional ERP software. Here I show the usage on a v-server in a data center with the project “Test-Boutique”.

Version: Standard.biz for medium and large businesses

Future business software – retail
Version: Standard.biz
Medium and large farms are often completely dependent on the computer. Here I’ve seen already server rooms and server cabinets, which conveyed the impression that one can provide the computing power for an entire town so, but unfortunately had mismanaged the performance and every few weeks resulted in a server failure. This page wants to break up with such nightmare scenarios and show how you can run a powerful high fail-safe computer system, by means of an active passive cluster which is very cheap to purchase and operate.

Version: Big.biz for large enterprises

Future business software – retail
Version: Big.biz
Here, an architecture with OpenStack is presented and described. Why should only the NASA and CERN OpenStack take advantage? Describes how large companies can build their own cloud up.[:]

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